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FElt is a free system for introductory level finite element analysis. It is primarily intended as a teaching tool for introductory type courses in finite elements - probably in the mechanical/structural/civil fields. In a command line environment, FElt uses an intuitive, straightforward input syntax to describe problems. It also includes a graphical user interface for workstations that allows the user to set-up the problem in a CAD-like environment. FElt can solve the classic problems in linear statics and linear dynamics (i.e., problems of the form Kd = F or Md'' + Cd' + Kd = F). It can also solve the generalized eigenvalue problem (K - lM)x = 0. The element library consists of truss, beam (Timoshenko and Euler), constant strain triangular, bilinear planar isoparametric, plate bending (selective reduced integration quadrilateral) and isoparametric solid (eight node brick) elements.

Current Version:   3.05

License Type:   GPL

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Linux, SunOS, Solaris, IRIX, AIX, HP-UX, ULTRIX, DOS, Windows

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