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EasyMesh is a two-dimensional quality mesh generator. Features:

  • Generates two dimensional, unstructured, Delaunay and constrained Delaunay triangulations in general domains.
  • Handles holes in the domain.
  • Local refining/coarsening can be achieved easily with different techniques.
  • Handles domains composed of more than one material.
  • Performs renumeration of nodes, elements and sides in order to decrease the bandwidth of discretized set of equations (wherever  you place the unknowns). This renumeration is invoked by default, and cannot be switched off by the command line option.
  • Has a built-in function for relaxation of grid, in order to avoid the creation of nodes surrounded with more than 7 and less than 5 elements. The result of this technique, combined with Laplacian smoothing, is a grid of high quality.
  • Performs Laplacian smoothing.
  • Uses very simple ASCII file as input.
  • Creates three different ASCII output files with all the data which a numerical analysist might need.
  • If specified by a command line switch, creates a drawing with Delaunay and Voronoi mesh in DXF or fig format, so the results of triangulation can be viewed with any graphical tool which supports these formats.
It also comes with a visualization package ShowMesh, which is an X-Windows application.

Current Version:   1.4

License Type:   Free

Home Site:

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Available Binary Packages:

  • Debian Package: No
  • RedHat RPM Package: No
  • Other Packages: No

Targeted Platforms:

EasyMesh has been compiled and tested on: PC running DOS 6.22 and Win95 with Watcom C/C++ 10.0a compiler; PC running RedHat Linux 3.03; PC running Linux Caldera; SUN Ultra 1 Model 140 running SunOS 5.5; Iris Indigo xs24 running IRIX 5.2; Cray J916/8 - 1024 running UNICOS 8.0.3.

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