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ALADDIN is a computational toolkit for the interactive matrix and finite element analysis of large engineering structures. In ALADDIN, finite element computations are viewed as a specialized form of matrix computations, matrices are viewed as rectangular arrays of physical quantities, and numbers viewed as dimensionless physical quantities. ALADDIN provides engineers with:

  • Mechanisms to define physical quantities with units, and matrices of physical quantities.
  • Facilities for physical quantity and matrix arithmetic.
  • A SI and US units package.
  • A matrix package. Its capabilities include matrix arithmetic, solution of linear matrix equations, and the general symmetric eigenvalue problem.
  • Programming constructs to control the solution procedure (i.e. branching and looping) in matrix and finite element problems.
  • A finite element mesh generation package. Two- and three-dimensional finite element meshes can be created.
  • A library of finite elements. Currently, the finite element library includes elements for plane stress/plane strain analysis, two-dimensional beam/column analysis, three-dimensional truss analysis, DKQ plate analysis, and a variety of shell finite elements.
The target application area for ALADDIN is static and dynamic finite element analysis of multi-story buildings and highway bridge structures. The dynamic analysis of structures due to earthquake loads is of particular interest.

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  • Debian Package: No
  • RedHat RPM Package: No
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ALADDIN has been tested on a SUN SPARCstation, DECstation 5000, and IBM RS/6000. The author said that ALADDIN still needs to be fully tested under Linux, and if someone wants to help them with the testing of examples problems, that would be great.

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