This program computes unpolarized monochromatic or spectral band radiative transfer in a one, two, or three-dimensional medium for either collimated solar and/or thermal emission sources of radiation. The properties of the medium can be specified completely generally, i.e. the extinction, single scattering albedo, Legendre coefficients of the scattering phase function, and temperature for the particular wavelength or spectral band may be specified at each input grid point. SHDOM is superior to Monte Carlo radiative transfer methods when many radiative quantities are desired, e.g. the radiance field across the domain top or the 3D distribution of heating. Radiances at any angle, hemispheric fluxes, net fluxes, mean radiances, and net flux convergence (related to heating rates) may be output anywhere in the domain. For highly peaked phase functions the delta-M method may be chosen, in which case the radiance is computed with an untruncated phase function single scattering correction. A correlated k-distribution approach is used for the integration over a spectral band. There may be uniform or spatially variable Lambertian reflection and emission from the ground surface. The horizontal boundaries are assumed to be periodic

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