BPKIT (Block Preconditioning Toolkit) is a toolkit of block preconditioners for the iterative solution of linear systems. The most effective general purpose and black-box type of preconditioners are available, including block SSOR, block tridiagonal ILU, and the block extension of point ILU with level-of-fill. Any of these ``global'' preconditioners may be coupled with one of a large collection of ``local'' preconditioners for approximately or exactly inverting or solving with the diagonal or pivot blocks. These include a number of new approximate inverse techniques. By combining a global and local preconditioner, a wide variety of preconditionings are possible, matched to the difficulty and structure of the problem.
The blocks may be stored in dense or sparse formats, and user-defined data structures may also be used. Variable block sizes are allowed within a matrix. Operations with the blocks call the BLAS, LAPACK, or the sparse BLAS, for efficiency across many platforms. The selection of larger blocks usually gives higher performance. BPKIT supports the preconditioning of a block of vectors, to enhance efficiency when block iterative methods are used. A flexible GMRES iterative method is provided in BPKIT for users who do not have an iterative method readily available. A test program will read any linear system in Harwell-Boeing format and solve it using any combination of preconditioners and parameters specified by the user. This is important in the ``experimentation'' stage when trying to solve problems from new applications. BPKIT is callable from C/C++ and FORTRAN.
BPKIT is not parallel; for large applications it is suitable for the local solvers per processor/node or domain.

Current Version:   2.1

License Type:   Free

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BPKIT is written in standard C++ and FORTRAN, and runs on several types of workstations and Cray supercomputers.

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