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KANT (Computational Algebraic Number Theory) is a software package for mathematicians interested in algebraic number theory. For those mathematicans, KANT is a tool for sophisticated computations in number fields. With Kash you are able to use the powerful KANT V4 functions within a shell and you do not need to know anything at all about programming in C.

Current Version:   KANT 4.0, KASH 2.2

License Type:   Freely available

Home Site:

Source Code Availability:


Available Binary Packages:

Targeted Platforms:

    DEC  alpha   : Digital Unix 4.0
    HP   PA-RISC : HP-UX 10.20
    IBM  RS6000  : AIX 4.2
    SUN  SPARC   : SunOS 4.1.3
    SUN  SPARC   : SunOS 5.7
    SGI  MIPS    : Irix 6.5
    PC   i486    : Linux 2.2.34 (elf)
    PC   i486    : IBM OS/2 Warp 3.0
    PC   i486    : MS DOS  5.0
    PC   i486    : MS Windows 3.1
    PC   i486    : MS Windows 95
    PC   i486    : MS Windows NT
    PC  (80{4,5,6}86)  : IBM OS/2 4.0
    PC  (80{4,5,6}86)  : MS DOS  5.0
    PC  (80{4,5,6}86)  : MS Windows 95
    PC  (80{4,5,6}86)  : MS Windows NT

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