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The Yorick programming language includes scientific visualization functions (with output to your screen, PostScript, or binary CGM), text and binary I/O functions for reading and writing numbers by the millions, and basic linear algebra functions adapted from the LAPACK library. Owing to Yorick's array syntax, interpreted programs are compact, nearly free of explicit loops, and can run at speeds up to 20% of optimized compiled speed (maybe that shouldn't impress you, I dunno). That means Yorick is fast enough to do respectable calculations by itself, and to be used as a pre- and post-processor for state-of-the-art physics simulation codes, as we do in the ICF program at LLNL.

Current Version:   1.4

License Type:   Free

copyright, no warranty

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UNIX, Mac 68K or Power PC, Windows NT or 95 (now testing).

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Other Links: (yorick-ANNOUNCE) (yorick-NEWS for up to date information and patches).

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See A Screen Shot? (Streamlines and pressure field around an airfoil)

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