Supernova 1999gp in UGC 1993

Fred Ewalt image: u1993s1.jpg

I revisted my series of 5 raw images on SN1999gp. The attached UGC 1993 field image is the summation of five co-aligned and added one minute raw exposures (vice averaged, which was used for the processed image I submitted yesterday). NO processing has been used to modify, resize or otherwise make the image pretty for data annotation and public display. The probable Foreground Star, SN1999gp and the Nucleus of UGC 1993 are all apparent in this field image. The second "Inset - A image", I blew up and normalized to the same pixel count as the field image. I also used some processing such as "unsharp masking" and a few other filters to clarify the details. The star I have marked as SN1999gp corresponds to the celestial position reported by DR Weidong Li on 24 DEC 99. The 16th +/- magnitude probable foreground star, does not show in my "DSS" field image, and is not in my GSC database, which only goes down to about magnitude 15.2 max. Neither are the other two small stars (which do show in the DSS image) just above the SN, for the same reason. The galaxy's nucleus is a given.

u1993s2.jpg u1993s3.jpg

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David Bishop
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