Supernova 1998W in NGC 3075

Here is an image a supernova in NGC 3075.

The image taken at 23.3.1998 22.03 UT, CCD ST-7, 1680 s. Track and Accumulate exposure (42x40), no filter, dark and flat corrected, temp -20c, telescope used was 152/2063 refractor.

Image were taken at the center of our city, Jyvaskyla. A lightpollution above the sky was heavy but this picture show how a CCD can penetrate that light and bring out very faint objects, as this SN in NGC3075 shows. SN magnitude I estimated about 17.5., just a limit of backround noise but there it is. Image was cropped a bit from corners because I couldīn get a good flat. North is up.

Observer Marko Moilanen, Jyvaskyla, Finland.


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