Supernova 1998S in NGC 3877

Here is one CCD image of the SN. ST7 image format. Dark and flat corrected, Mar 19,1998 at.01.11 UT, yellow filter, temp -20c, 600s track and accumulate exposure (20x30s). The telescope used is 150/2063mm refractor.

Observer Marko Moilanen, Jyvaskyla, Finland.
Astronomical association Jyvalskylan Sirius ry


The next image was taken at 29.3.1998 01.27 UT, CCD ST-7, 600 s. Track and Accumulate exposure (15x40s.), no filter, dark and flat corrected, temp -20c, telescope used 2063/152 refractor.

Image were taken at the center of our city, Jyvaskyla. Lightpollution above the sky was heavy but all objects brigter than 15 mag are easy, even with our 15cm refractor. SN magnitude I estimated about 12.3. North is up.


Oksanen Arto

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David Bishop
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