Supernova 1994D in NGC 4526

sn94d.jpg Supernova 1994D is one of the brighter Sn from the recent past. Announced in IAUC 5946 this supernova was discovered independently by Lick Observatory Supernova Search and Dr. M. Richmond. The parent galaxy of this SN, NGC 4526, was also the host galaxy of SN 1969E (IAUC 2139). This is a galaxy in the Virgo cluster and is fairly bright at Mag 9.6. 1994D maximum brightness was mag 11.8. We have a photometry reference image created by Odd Trondal.

Sites dedicated to 1994D

  • Supernova 1994d from UTK

    Images of Supernova 1994D

  • U of Oregon (Electronic Universe) image 3/26/94 8:10 UT, K-band
  • U of Oregon (Electronic Universe) image 3/26/94 8:10 UT, J-band
  • ING image Undated color
  • SEDS image Undated
  • SEDS image Undated (zoom in of last image)
  • Lick Image Undated
  • Associazione Astrofili Spezzini image Undated
  • Bentley Laaksonen image Undated, color
  • Marko Moilanen image 4/10/94 1:42 UT
  • Nick Hewitt image 5/3/94
  • HST Image from APotD 5/9/94
  • HST Image from CfA 5/9/94 (TIFF Version) (High resolution TIFF)


  • U of Oregon (Electronic Universe) light curve
  • UBVRI and Bolometric Light curves for SN 1994D
  • Circumstellar H from SN 1994D and future Type Ia supernovae

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