Discovery of Supernova 2000C in NGC 2415

My name is Steve Foulkes, I have had the good luck to find SN 2000C in NGC2415.

n2415s4.jpg This is part of my discovery image which shows NGC2415 and the SN.

n2415s5.jpg This image is a difference image, it image was generated by subtracting my NGC2415 reference (master) image from the observation image. As can be seen the galaxy has all but disappeared, but the SN is clearly seen.

Best regards,
Steve Foulkes

Image Data:
Steve Foulkes, Ashperton Village, England, UK
Object NGC 2415 recorded on 2000 Jan 8.789UT with a 0.26-m LX200 telescope on an image secured for the UK Nova/Supernova Patrol.

The object, of approx magnitude 15.6, was recorded on an unfiltered CCD (ST7) camera and the following semi-precise position measured:

RA 07h36m56s DEC +35 14'36" (2000)

with estimated offsets of 7" east and 6" north of the nucleus.

A bit more background about the discovery:

I have developed an automatic supernova acquisition system as part of the UK supernova patrol team. The system controls the camera (SBIG ST7) and a LX200 and I can acquire about 52 galaxy images per hour using a one-minute integration time. I hope to update my camera this summer to an ST7E. With the new chip I can reduce my integration time and hence improve my acquisition rate (up to about 80 images per hour I hope). The software is also used to analyse an image, and can to a limited degree, also indicate changes in the image.

Mark Armstrong has been using the software since September '99 and his latest discoveries have all be made using my software. Ron Arbour has also stated using my software.

This discovery has taken me over two years of hard work, both observing and computer programming.

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David Bishop
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