Study of the proper motions of the stars
in the field of NGC7063 open cluster.

E.V.Glushkova, I.M.Uglova
Pis'ma v Astron. Zhurnal, 1997

Table. Positions, proper motions, and membership probabilities.

This table has 1065 records and a maximum record length of 52 bytes. The first column gives the star identification number, followed by X, Y positions in mm. The zero point of these offsets is star number 1 which lies at 21:24:20.52 +36:30:25.6 (equator and equinox 2000). Next are relative proper motions (muX and muY) and their errors (ex and ey) in 10**4 arcsec/yr, followed by calculated V magnitudes. The final column gives the calculated membership probabilities in percent. More details, of course, may be found in the printed paper itself.

You may download table with description in compressed form.