General Catalogue of Variable Stars


S.V. Antipin, O.V. Durlevich, N.N. Kireeva, N.N. Samus

Institute of Astronomy of Russian Academy of Sciences and Sternberg State Astronomical Institute of the Moscow State University


This electronic table supplements our printed papers (Antipin et al. 1994ab). It contains improved coordinates of variable stars discovered (or rediscovered) by Plaut in the Palomar-Groningen Fields:

                            Number of stars
Field 1    Plaut (1966)     77
Field 2    Plaut (1968)     923 of 924

We have compared visualized fields of GSC and USNO A1.0 catalog with unpublished photographic finding charts that were sent by L. Plaut to the compilers of the GCVS. The resulting identifications and coordinates are presented here.

This electronic table are available from Sternberg Institute via anonymous ftp to

    Byte-by-byte description of file: plaut.dat - 76 B
  Bytes Format Units   Label          Explanations
     1  I2     ---     Field          No. of Plaut's field
  3- 5  I3     ---     Number         Plaut's No.
  7-15  A9     ---     GCVS           GCVS or NSV name
 17-25  F9.4   ---     GSC            GSC number
    26  A1     ---     NoteFlag      *Nonstar (GSC) flag
 28-29  I2     h       RA2000GSC.h    Hours RA (GSC), equinox 2000.0
 31-32  I2     min     RA2000GSC.m    Minutes RA (GSC), equinox 2000.0
 34-38  F5.2   s       RA2000GSC.s    Seconds RA (GSC), equinox 2000.0
    40  A1     ---     DE2000GSC.-    Sign Dec (GSC), equinox 2000.0
 41-42  I2     deg     DE2000GSC.d    Degrees Dec (GSC), equinox 2000.0
 44-45  I2     arcmin  DE2000GSC.m    Arcminutes Dec (GSC), equinox 2000.0
 47-50  F4.1   arcsec  DE2000GSC.s    Arcseconds Dec (GSC), equinox 2000.0
 52-53  I2     h       RA2000A1.0.h   Hours RA (USNO A1.0), equinox 2000.0
 55-56  I2     min     RA2000A1.0.m   Minutes RA (USNO A1.0), equinox 2000.0
 58-62  F5.2   s       RA2000A1.0.s   Seconds RA (USNO A1.0), equinox 2000.0
    64  A1     ---     DE2000A1.0.-   Sign Dec (USNO A1.0), equinox 2000.0
 65-66  I2     deg     DE2000A1.0.d   Degrees Dec (USNO A1.0), equinox 2000.0
 68-69  I2     arcmin  DE2000A1.0.m   Arcminutes Dec (USNO A1.0), equinox 2000.0
 71-74  F4.1   arcsec  DE2000A1.0.s   Arcseconds Dec (USNO A1.0), equinox 2000.0
 75-81  A1     ---     RemFlag       *Remark flag and remarks

Note on NoteFlag: The letter "n" after some GSC numbers marks GSC "nonstar" objects.

Note on Remflag: In a number of cases, the coordinates presented in the table have been determined by us from the Digitized Sky Survey or from original photographic charts; such cases are noted in remarks ("dss" and "photo", respectively; in the cases of V1195 Oph and V1655 Oph we actually had to measure the center of the circled position, with no star seen). The remark "double" refers to cases of the USNO A1.0 catalog having two entries for each star in a field around the variable; in such cases, we arbitrarily selected one of the two USNO A1.0 entries for the variable star.

Several problem cases deserve special mentioning. For Plaut 179 (V1302 Oph), the two available Plaut's charts show different stars; the star we have preferred shows definite variablility. For Plaut 866 (V1965 Oph), the identification on the chart is probably erroneous, our identification refers to a neighboring star with obvious variability. On the chart for Plaut 391, another star is marked, presumably by Plaut, as a suspected variable and remains uncataloged until now. Its A1.0 catalog position is 17h09m50s.79, -21deg38'46".9 (2000.0), m(blue)=17.5, m(red)=15.4.

Thanks are due to A.A. Volchkov and J. Manek for the software we used to view catalog fields and retrieve coordinates. This study was supported, in part, by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (grant 97-02-16739).


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