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     Future Prospects of Variable-Star Catalogues       

XXVIII General Assembly of the IAU, SPS15 Beijing, August 31, 2012

N.N. Samus, S.V. Antipin   "Variable Stars and Data-Intensive Astronomy"

  During the 26th IAU General Assembly in Prague, the IAU Division V (Commissions 27 and 42) considered the future of variable-star catalogues.

  It was demonstrated that quite a number of problems should be solved in order for our variable-star catalogues to incorporate variable stars discovered in large photometric surveys and for future catalogues to be compiled automatically, without necessary participation of a human expert for each individual variable. Meanwhile, a new system of variable-star classification should be developed. To discuss these problems and to look for their solutions, the IAU Commission 27, on behalf of the IAU Division V, created an informal working group, chaired by the GCVS editor, Dr. Nikolai Samus. The membership in this working group is open to all variable-star astronomers who wish to contribute to better catalogues of variable stars for our community. This web page contains the presentation demonstrated by Dr. Samus in Prague and the draft classification system suggested by him.

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