Graphic Wachtel, Marion Kavanaugh (American, 1875-1954)

Graphic Eucalyptus Trees, watercolor on canvas, Santa Barbara Museum of Art. 150KB

Graphic Wall, William Allen (American, 1801-1885)

Graphic Westport Waterfront, 1850, oil on canvas. 156KB

Graphic Wall, William Guy (American, 1792-1862)

Graphic The Bay of New York Taken from Brooklyn Heights, 1820-25, watercolor on wove paper, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. 148KB

Graphic View Near Fishkill, undated, watercolor on paper mounted on cardboard, New York Historical Society. 173KB

Graphic Wallis, Henry (English, 1830-1916)

Graphic The Death of Chatterton, 1856. 96KB

Graphic Ward, Edward Matthew (English, 1816-1879)

Graphic Sir Thomas More's Farewell to his Daughter. 110KB

Graphic Warner, Everett (American)

Graphic Panther Hollow, oil on canvas, Westmoreland Museum of Art, PA. 160KB

Graphic Waterhouse, John William

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Graphic Waters, Susan C. (American, 1823-1900)

Graphic The Lincoln Children, 1845, oil on canvas, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. 128KB

Graphic Watteau, Antoine (French, 1684-1721)

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Graphic Watts, George Frederick (English, 1817-1904)

Graphic Sir Galahad. 110KB

Graphic The Judgement of Paris. 108KB

Graphic Adriadne on the Island of Naxos, 1875, oil on canvas, Guildhall Art Gallery, London. 131KB

Graphic Dweller in the Innermost, 1885-86, oil on canvas, Tate Gallery at London. 123KB

Graphic Weber, Max (Russian, practiced in America, 1881-1961)

Graphic Connecticut Landscape, 1911, oil on canvas mounted on board, Private collection. 178KB

Graphic Suspense, 1920, oil on canvas. 175KB

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