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Graphic Christ and the Woman with the Issue of Blood, 1565-70, oil on canvas, Art History Museum, Vienna. 143KB

Graphic The Allegory of Love: Unfaithfulness, 1570, National Gallery at London. 124KB

Graphic The Finding of Moses, approx. 1570-75. 137KB

Graphic The Family of Darius before Alexander, National Gallery at London. 177KB

Graphic Feast in the House of Levi, 1573, Galleria della Academia at Venice. 170KB. Special thanks to Károly Kokas!

Graphic Pietà, 1576-82, oil on canvas, The Hermitage at St. Petersburg. 100KB

Graphic The Wife of Zebedee Interceding with Christ over her Sons, detail of angels, undated, oil on canvas, Burghley House at Stamford, England. 118KB

Graphic The Martyrdom and Last Communion of St. Lucy, detail. 131KB

Graphic St. Lucy and a Donor, approx. 1580. 85KB

Graphic Christ & the Woman of Samaria, detail of Christ, 1580-82, oil on canvas, Art History Museum, Vienna. 117KB

Graphic Lucretia Stabbing Herself, 1583-84, oil on canvas, Art History Museum, Vienna. 104KB

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