Graphic Troostwijk, Wouter Johannes van (Dutch, 1782-1810)

Graphic The Raampoortje Gate at Amsterdam, 1809, oil on canvas, Rijksmuseum at Amsterdam. 95KB

Graphic Trumbull, John (American, 1756-1843)

Graphic The Death of General Warren at the Battle of Bunker Hill on 17 June 1775, 1786, Yale University Art Gallery. 194KB

Graphic Hopothle Mico, 1790, pencil on paper, Fordham University Library. 77KB

Graphic Major William Lithgow, pencil on paper mounted on card, 1791, Yale University Art Gallery. 108KB

Graphic Five Miniatures Framed Together, 1791-93, oil on mahogany panels, Yale University Art Gallery. 179KB

Graphic Thomas Youngs Seymour, 1793, oil on mahogany panel, Yale University Art Gallery. 58KB

Graphic Tura, Cosimo (Italian, 1430-95)

Graphic An Allegorical Figure, 1460, National Gallery at London. 211KB

Graphic Pietà (The Dead Christ Supported by Two Angels), 1475, Art History Museum, Vienna. 141KB

Graphic Turner, Joseph Mallord William

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Graphic Twatchman, John Henry (American, 1853-1902)

Graphic The White Bridge, 1889-1900, oil on canvas, The Art Institute of Chicago. 128KB

Graphic Beneath the Snow. 156KB

Graphic Gloucester Harbor, 1900, oil on canvas, Canajoharie Library & Art Gallery, New York. 132KB

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