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Graphic Lady Sewing, 1879, Art Institute of Chicago. 113KB

Graphic Jugglers at the Cirque Fernando, 1879, The Art Institute of Chicago. 118KB

Graphic Near the Lake, 1880, Art Institute of Chicago. 183KB

Graphic Place Clichy, 1880, Fitzwilliam Museum at Cambridge. 120KB

Graphic The Laundress, 1880, Art Institute of Chicago. 86KB

Graphic Two Sisters (On the Terrace), 1881, oil on canvas, Art Institute of Chicago. 165KB

Graphic The Boating Party Lunch, 1881. 172KB

Graphic Blond Bather, 1881. 101KB

Graphic Fruits from the Midi, 1881, Art Institute of Chicago. 105KB

Graphic Doges' Palace, Venice, 1881, oil on canvas, Sterling & Francine Clark Institute, Williamstown. 128KB

Graphic St. Mark's Square, Venice, 1881, oil on canvas, Minneapolis Institute of Arts. 166KB

Graphic Les Parapluies (The Umbrellas), 1881-82 and 1885-86, oil on canvas, National Gallery at London. 111KB

Graphic By the Seashore, 1883, The Metropolitan Museum of Art at New York. 122KB

Graphic Young Girl with a Parasol (Aline Nunès), 1883, oil on canvas, David-Weill collection, Paris. 149KB

Graphic Le Jardin du Luxembourg (detail), about 1883, oil on canvas, Private collection, Geneva. 134KB

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