Picasso- Page 2

Graphic Studio with Plaster Head, 1925, oil on canvas. 165KB

Graphic Woman with a Flower, 1932, oil on canvas, Galerie Beyeler, Basle. 98KB

Graphic Nude Woman in a Red Armchair, 1932, Tate Gallery, London. 78KB

Graphic The Dream, 1932, oil on canvas, private collection, New York. 88KB

Graphic Interior with a Girl Drawing, 1935, oil on canvas. 151KB

Graphic Portrait of Dora Maar, 1937, oil on canvas, Musée Picasso, Paris. 139KB

Graphic Weeping Woman, 1937, Tate Gallery, London. 150KB

Graphic Guernica, detail, 1937, oil on canvas, Museo Nacional Reina Sofía, Madrid 149KB

Graphic Girl with a Boat (Maya Picasso), 1938, oil on canvas, Rosengart Collection, Lucerne. 143KB

Graphic Jacqueline in the Studio, 1956, oil on canvas, City of Lucerne. 125KB

Graphic Bust of a Woman with a Hat, 1962, colored linocut, private collection. 123KB

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