Graphic Hunt, William Holman (English, 1827-1910)

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Graphic Hunt, William Morris (American, 1824-1879)

Graphic Peasant Girl, 1852, oil on canvas, Musée d'Orsay, Paris. 123KB

Graphic Huysmans, Corneille (Flemish, 1648-1727)

Graphic Mountainous Landscape, Private Collection, Brussels. 149KB

Graphic Forested Landscape, Waterman Gallery, Amsterdam. 156KB

Graphic Landscape with a Horseman in a Clearing, Bente Salle Horta, Brussels. 141KB

Graphic Huysmans, Jean-Baptiste (Flemish, 1654-1716)

Graphic Mountainous Landscape. 143 KB

Graphic Huysmans, Jacob (Flemish, 1633-1696)

Graphic Lady Elizabeth Somerset (Countess, later Duchess of Powis), oil on canvas, Powis Castle, Powis. 127KB

Graphic Huysum, Jan van (Dutch, 1682-1749)

Graphic Hollyhocks and Other Flowers in a Vase, 1710, oil on canvas, National Gallery, London. 143KB

Graphic Fruit Still Life, oil on copper, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. 140KB

Graphic Flowers, 1722, oil on canvas transferred from panel, The Hermitage, St. Petersburg. 158KB

Graphic Hyre, Laurent de La (French, 1606-1656)

Graphic Abraham Sacrificing Isaac, 1650, Musée Saint-denis at Reims, France. 141KB

Graphic Astronomy, 1650, Musée des Beaux-Arts at Orléans. 104KB

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