Goya: Caprichos- Page 1

A set of etchings and drawings (incomplete collection)

Graphic Plate 1: Francisco Goya y Lucientes, Painter. 62KB

Graphic Plate 2: They Say Yes and Give their Hand to the First Comer (El si pronuncian y la mano alargan Al primero que llega). 67KB

Graphic Plate 7: Even Thus he Cannot Make her Out (Ni asi la distingue). 73KB

Graphic Plate 8: They Carried her Off (Que se la llevaron). 65KB

Graphic Plate 9: Tantalus (Tantalo). 62KB

Graphic Plate 10: Love & Death (El amor y la muerte). 76KB

Graphic Plate 12: Out Hunting for Teeth (A caza de dientes). 68KB

Graphic Plate 14: What a Sacrifice! (Que sacrificio!). 69KB

Graphic Plate 16: For Heaven's Sake- and it was her Mother (Dios la perdone: Y era su madre). 81KB

Graphic Plate 17: It is Nicely Stretched (Bien tirada está). 83KB

Graphic Plate 23: Those Specks of Dust (Aquellos polbos). 63KB

Graphic Plate 24: Nothing Could be Done About it (Nohubo remedio). 75KB

Graphic Plate 27: Which of them is More Overcome? (Quien mas rendido?). 58KB

Graphic Plate 32: Because she was Susceptible (Por que fue sensible). 64KB

Graphic Plate 36: A Bad Night (Mala noche). 64KB

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