Graphic Feti, Domenico (Italian, 1589-1625)

Graphic Saint Mary Magdalene Penitent, 1615, oil on canvas, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. 110KB

Graphic The Healing of Tobit, early 1620s, oil on panel, The Hermitage, St. Petersburg. 127KB

Graphic An Actor, early 1620s, oil on canvas, The Hermitage, St. Petersburg. 74KB

Graphic Adoration of the Shepherds, oil on panel, Hermitage, St. Petersburg. 131KB

Graphic Hero and Leander, 1622-23, panel, Art History Museum, Vienna. 68KB

Graphic Feuerbach, Anselm (German, 1829-1880)

Graphic Self-Portrait, oil on canvas, The Hermitage, St. Petersburg. 104KB

Graphic Iphigenia, 1870, oil on canvas, Oskar Reinhart Foundation, Winterthur. 100KB

Graphic Feure, Georges de (Dutch, 1868-1928)

Graphic The Voice of Evil, 1895, oil on wood, private collection. 115KB

Graphic Swan Lake, 1897, watercolor, private collection. 123KB

Graphic Field, Erastus Salisbury (American, 1805-1900)

Graphic Historic Monument of the American Republic, mid/late 1800s. 176KB

Graphic The Garden of Eden, 1865, oil on canvas, Shelburne Museum, Shelburne, VT. 124KB

Graphic Pharaoh's Army Marching, 1865-80, oil on canvas, National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. 141KB

Graphic Filonov, Pavel (Russian, 1883-1941)

Graphic A Man and a Woman, 1912-13, pen, brush, brown ink, indian ink, and water color on paper, Russian Museum, St. Petersburg. 172KB

Graphic Peasant Family, 1915, oil on canvas, Russian Museum, St. Petersburg. 132KB

Graphic Finson, Ludovicus (Flemish, 1578-1617)

Graphic The Five Senses, detail , 1737, oil on canvas, Herzog-Anton-Ulrich-Museum, Brunswick. 119KB

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