Burne-Jones- Page 3

Graphic The Angel, 1881, oil on panel, Glasgow Art Gallery and Museum. 81KB

Graphic The Last Sleep of Arthur in Avalon, detail, 1881-98. 98KB

Graphic The Morning of the Resurrection, 1882. 135KB

Graphic The Arming of Perseus, unfinished, 1885, oil, private collection. 127KB

Graphic The Rock of Doom, 1885-88, oil, Staatsgalerie, Stuttgart. 138KB

Graphic The Baleful Head, 1886-87, oil, Staatsgalerie, Stuttgart. 147KB

Graphic The Depths of the Sea, 1887, watercolor and gouache, Fogg Art Museum at Harvard University. 108KB

Graphic The Star of Bethlehem, 1888-91, watercolor, oil, tempera and gouache on paper laid onto canvas, Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery. 159KB

Graphic Sponsa de Libano (The Bride of Lebanon), 1891, watercolor, tempera and gouache, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool. 173KB

Graphic Love Among the Ruins, 1894, oil, National Trust: Wightwick Manor, Wolverhampton. 128KB

Graphic Hope, approx. 1896, oil on canvas, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. 92KB

Graphic The Prioress' Tale, gouache on paper, Delaware Art Museum. 128KB

Graphic Kelmscott Chaucer: page 1 (with William Morris), 1896, manuscript illustration. 79KB

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