Graphic Bouvard, Antoine (French, 1870-1956)

Graphic Venetian Lagoon, oil on canvas. 140KB

Graphic Venetian Canal, oil on canvas. 126KB

Graphic Braccesco, Carlo di (Italian, active 1478-1501)

Graphic The Annunciation, central panel of a triptych, undated, wood, Musée du Louvre, Paris. 161KB

Graphic Bramantino (Bartolomeo Suardi, Italian, approx. 1465-1530)

Graphic Virgin & Child, oil and tempera on panel, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. 114KB

Graphic Braque, Georges (French, 1882-1963)

Graphic Still-Life: Le Jour, 1929, National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. 138KB

Graphic Braun, Maurice (American, 1877-1941)

Graphic Autumn in New England, oil on canvas. 129KB

Graphic Untitled, oil on canvas. 150KB

Graphic Point Loma Hillside, oil on canvas. 112KB

Graphic Bray, Jan de (Dutch, 1627-1697)

Graphic Double Profile Portrait of the Artist's Parents, approx. 1664, oil on panel, National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. 70KB

Graphic Breck, John Leslie (American, 1860-1899)

Graphic Rock Garden at Giverny, 1897, oil on canvas, private collection. 136KB

Graphic Breckenridge, Hugh Henry (American, 1870-1937)

Graphic White Phlox, 1906, oil on canvas, Terra Foundation for the Arts. 146KB

Graphic Philadelphia, approx. 1916, oil on canvas, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. 100KB

Graphic Brekelenkam, Quirijn van (Dutch, 1620-1668)

Graphic Woman Combing a Child's Hair, 1648, oil on panel, Stedelijk Museum, Leiden. 85KB

Graphic Interior of a Tailor's Shop, 1653, oil on panel, Worcester Art Museum, Worcester, Mass. 97KB

Graphic Man Spinning & Woman Scraping Carrots, 1653-54, oil on panel, Philadelphia Museum of Art. 93KB

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