Astronomer George Gliba, Compton GRO Science Support Center, filed this report based on his visual observations made on March 22 6:20 UT from Greenbelt, MD. (a suburb of Washington DC., USA) .

"This comet is wonderful. I saw 5 degrees of naked-eye tail from downtown Greenbelt, Md. It had a teardrop head about a degree wide [twice the size of the full moon] and a central condensation that was about 3rd magnitude. The comet was about 1st magnitude! There were clearly two components to the tail, ... It was better naked-eye than with binoculars. In a dark sky this must be too much."

[Editors' Note]
Observers in dark sky areas are indeed reporting an amazing view with 20 degree (and larger) tails. As the comet moves north, and the tail continues to grow it will become visible all night.

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