Dear Colleagues,

As you know, JENAM-2007 will take place in Yerevan, Armenia. The First 

Announcement was sent in October through the EAS Newsletter, and the web page 

is active since then at and     (mirror site at EAS)

However, to make a wider announcement, it would be rather helpful if you could 

circulate the JENAM First Announcement to the non-EAS members of your society 

as well. Please find it enclosed.

Thank you very much in advance.

With best wishes,

Areg Mickaelian,

Co-chair of SOC and Chair of LOC,




                            J E N A M - 2 0 0 7

                         "Our non-stable Universe"

                    20-25 August 2007, Yerevan, Armenia


             Web page at

         Mirror page at EAS:

JENAM-2007 (Joint European and National Astronomy Meeting) will take place in 

Yerevan (Armenia) and will be the 15th Annual Meeting of the European 

Astronomical Society (EAS) and the 6th Annual Meeting of the Armenian 

Astronomical Society (ArAS).

JENAM-2007 will consist of 6 Plenary sessions (invited reviews on hot topics of 

modern astrophysics, 8 EAS Symposia, and 7 Special Sessions (SPS). The EAS

symposia will last 2-3 days each, 4 symposia in parallel. The SPS will last 2 

days each, 3 or 4 SPS in parallel. Poster sessions will be organized as well 

for each of the symposia and SPS.

During the JENAM, the EAS General Assembly and EAS Council meetings will take 

place, as well as a Job Market for young scientists, exhibitions, a number of 

social events, etc.

Beside the joint excursions on Wednesday, August 22 and Saturday, August 25, 

additional tours will be organized for accompanying persons and those 

scientists not attending sessions on the given days.

The opening and closing sessions, EAS symposia and special sessions will be

organized in the conference halls and auditoria of the Yerevan State


(YSU). Exhibitions and poster sessions will be organized at the entrance halls. 

The participants will stay at the Yerevan central hotels, and buses will take 

them every day to the University and back. A detailed information on travel to 

Armenia and visas, Yerevan hotels, and local conditions will be available soon.

The proceedings of the JENAM-2007 will be published in the EAS proceedings series in 2008.


European Astronomical Society (EAS)

Armenian Astronomical Society (ArAS)

Yerevan State University (YSU)

Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory (BAO)


Harvey Butcher (Netherlands)

Anatol Cherepashchuk (Russia)

Thierry Courvoisier (Switzerland)

Michel Dennefeld (France)

Anne Dutrey (France)

Hayk Harutyunyan (Armenia)

Joachim Krautter (Germany), Co-chair

Tigran Magakian (Armenia)

Michel Mayor (Switzerland)

Areg Mickaelian (Armenia), Co-chair

Antonella Natta (Italy)

Artashes Petrosian (Armenia)

Ian Robson (UK)

Yervant Terzian (USA)

Yaroslav Yatskiv (Ukraine)


A.M. Mickaelian, Chair

S.A. Ghazaryan, H.A. Harutyunyan, S.G. Harutyunyan, E.R. Hovhannisyan, L.R.

Hovhannisyan, N.D. Melikian, E.H. Nikoghosyan, A.A. Sadoyan, L.A. Sargsyan


EAS S1: Extrasolar Planets

EAS S2: Searching for Proto-Planets around Young Stars

EAS S3: Violent Phenomena in Young Stars

EAS S4: High-Energy Astrophysics

EAS S5: Activity in Galaxies

EAS S6: Dynamics of Galaxies and Galactic Nuclei

EAS S7: Observational Cosmology

EAS S8: Science with Virtual Observatories


SPS1: Stellar Structure and Evolution

SPS2: New Developments in Asteroseismology

SPS3: Gravitational Wave Astrophysics

SPS4: Astronomy from the Antarctic plateau

SPS5: Astronomy Education in Europe

SPS6: Archaeoastronomy

SPS7: Numerical Astrophysics

Note: some of the SPS may be cancelled if there is not enough interest from the 

pre-registered participants.


EAS members           200 Euros

Other participants    240 Euros

Accompanying persons  120 Euros


A limited number of EAS and ArAS travel grants will be available mainly 

reserved for young participants and scientists from countries with limited

resources. An application form will be available after the period of the 

pre-registration (December 31, 2006). Those who are going to apply for a grant 

are encouraged to pre-register as soon as possible.


The deadline for the pre-registration is December 31, 2006.

The online pre-registration form can be found at

If you have problems with web access or with online registration, please send 

the completed form as an e-mail attachment to


Oct 1, 2006     Deadline for proposals for EAS symposia and Special



Oct 15, 2006    First Announcement with Pre-registration form

Dec 31, 2006    Deadline for Pre-registration

Jan 15, 2007    Second Announcement with a call for Registration, Travel


Application, and Submission of Abstracts

May 1, 2007     Deadline for Submission of Abstracts and Travel Grant 


May 15, 2007    Applicants to be informed on outcome of Travel Grant 

Applications and Confirmation of Acceptance of Abstracts

Jun 1, 2007     Deadline for Early Registration (with reduced fee) and



Jun 30, 2007    Final Submission of Abstracts of accepted papers for the 

Abstracts book

July 15, 2007   Final Announcement with the detailed Program

Aug 20-25, 2007 JENAM-2007 in Yerevan

Oct 31, 2007    Deadline for submission of papers for publication in the 



Joachim Krautter (Germany), Co-chair, SOC:

Areg Mickaelian (Armenia), Co-chair, SOC and Chair, LOC:

For an inquiry and discussion of the details of the EAS symposia and JENAM

special sessions, please contact the corresponding SOC Chairs and the 

Conveners. More contact details will be available in later announcements.