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On March 29, 2002, in response to numerous requests from the Society members, the Council Board of the EAAS decided to modify the list of scientific sessions of the conference "International Collaboration in Astronomy: Current Status and Development Prospects".

Here is the tentative list of conference sessions
  1. Cooperation among NIS researchers and between NIS researchers and their colleagues in other countries.
  2. International cooperation within the countries covered by INTAS programs
  3. Development of international data bases and informational support
  4. International cooperation in astronomical education and spreading of scientific knowledge and achievements of science
  5. International cooperation in the development of new ground-based and space-borne astronomical facilities
  6. Celestial Mechanics and Gravimetry
  7. The Sun and planets
  8. Galaxies and Cosmology
  9. Stellar astrophysics and Galactic astronomy
Mini-symposia on sub-topic or topics not covered by the main sessions might be held.

The organizing committee welcomes your comments and suggestions.

Dear colleagues!
  1. The Organizing Committee of EAAS 6th General Meetings thanks all those who have proposed contributions to the conference "International Collaboration in Astronomy: Actual State and Prospective".

  2. The Organizing Committee informs you herewith that, due to multiple requests, the deadline for registration and abstract presentation  is postponed to April 10.
    However, we ask you herewith not to postpone your abstract presentation to the last minutes of that day.

  3. The 2nd Announcement of the Meeting/Conference will be issued and circulated in the middle of April. Meanwhile, we invite you to visit from time to time the section "News" of our web-page for current information.

                 Sincerely  yours,
                                               N. G. Bochkarev,   V. N. Obridko.

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