First Announcement


The 11th Congress the Eurasian Astronomical Society and scientific conference

Astronomy of the Information Burst: Results and Problems,

Sternebrg Astronomical Institute and Lomonosov Moscow State University

May 28June 1, 2012.


The preliminary agenda of the congress is:


1. Report on the EAAS Council for 20082012

2. Report of the financial board

3. Election of the EAAS co-chairpersons

4. Election of the EAAS Council Board

5. Election of the financial board


The conference Astronomy of the Information Burst: Results and Problems will include plenary meetings with invited leading scientists' lectures on: problems and prospects of astronomical investigations during the information revolution; intensification of work on the world virtual observatory; wide use of all-sky multi-wave robotized surveys; new computer techniques of detection of astrophysical objects with further, more thorough studies; new Russian space projects.


Besides, a number of sections on different branches of the astronomical knowledge and astronomical education will be held.

The participants will be accommodated in the hotel section of the University campus. You are asked to mention in you application for participation if you need to be accommodated in the campus.

Please mind the deadline for accommodation application: 30, 2012.


Preliminary registration may be done by e-mail at the address Participants willing to give a presentation should provide the title, preferred category (oral / poster), and a short (~20 lines) abstract of the presentation. Abstracts submitted before April 20 will be published.

The registration fee is 400 Rubles for EAAS members who have paid the registration fees, and 800 Rubles for other participants. Registration fees are to be paid at the registration desk.


Preliminary list of invited plenary and sectional lectures.


G.M. Beskin. All-sky wide-field monitoring with sub-second time resolution for search for and investigation of optical transients.

D.S.Wiebe. Astrochemistry of Star Formation.

M.R.Gilfanov. X-Ray Binaries Star Formation and the Puzzle of the Ia Supernovae Precursors.

N.V.Elelyanov. Planet Staelite Efemerides as a Probe into the Solar System.

V.E.Zharov. The Earth Rotation.

N.S.Kardashev. Radioastron and Milimetron Projects.

B.P.Kpndratyev. Physical Librations of the Moon.

V.M.Lipunov. The Robotized Telescope Net Master.

O.Yu. Malkov. The International Vertual Observatory: Results of the First Decade.

V.N.Obridko. Solar Cycles and the Lates Cycle Particularities.

L.V.Rykhlova. Asteroid-Comets Hazard.

B.V.Somov. Strong Solar Flares: their Nature, Models and Prognostication.

A.A.Starobinsky. Exspected Fundamental Discoveries in Cosmology.

R.A.Sunyaev. Hot gas in Galaxi Clusters, Background Radiation and Cosmology.

N.S.Fabrika. Observational Evidence of the Supercritical Accretion onto Black Holes.

A.M.Cherepashchuk. Relativistic Binaries.

B.M.Shostov. Early Stages of Galaxy Evolution.


Optional Sections.

The Sun

Stars, Plabetary Systems and Interstellar Medium.

Astrometry and Celestial Mechanics

Virtual Observatories.

Extragalactic Astronomy

Astronomical Education and Propagation of the Astronomical Knowledge.

The 3rd conference of Modern Stellar Astronomy conference series is included into the main conference program as another section.


The Program Committee:



Cherepashchuk Anatoly Mikhailovich (SAI MSU),

Samus Nikolai Nikolaevich (INASAN EAAS),


Chepurova Valrntina Mikhailovna (SAI MSU EAAS)

Members of the Program Committee:

Bisikalo Dmitry Valerievich (INASAN), Bisnovaty-Kogan Gennady Semenovich (Space Research Inst.), Bochkarev Nikolai Gennadievich (SAI MSU), Efremov Yury Nikolaevich (SAI MSU), Kardashev Nikolai Semenovich (ASC FIAN), Obridko Vladimir Nukhimovich (IZMIRAN), Rastorguev Aleksey Sergeevich (MSU Faculty of Physics), (Rikhlova Lidia VAsilievna (INASAN), Ryabov Mikhail Ivanovich (URAN-4 Obs.), Zasov Anatoly Vladimirovich (MSU Faculty of Physics).


Local organizing Committee

Chaire: S.A.Gasanov (SAI MSU EAAS)

Chepurova Valrntina Mikhailovna (SAI MSU EAAS)

Members of the Local Organizing Committee:

O.V.Durlevich (SAI MSU), E.A.Karitskaya (INASAN), N.N.Samus (INASAN EAAS), V.L.Staerman (EAAS), A.V.Zharova (SAI MSU), A.M.Zubareva (INASAN).


The 2nd Announcement with more detailed information will be distributed in April, 2012.


Registration Form


1. First Name

2. Second Name.

3. Affiliation, position

4. Contacts: mail address, phone number, fax-number, e-mail address.

5. EAAS membership: yes / no

6. What section do you plan to contribute to?

7. Presentation title(s)

8. Preferred Presentation Rank: Oral / Poster

9. Short (~20 lines) Abstract of the Presentation

  1. Need of accommodation in the MSU hotel