The XIIth General Meeting of the Eurasian Astronomical Society


Scientific Conference

"Astronomy from Our Cosmic Neighborhood to Deepest Cosmology"


First Announcement


The conference "Astronomy from Our Cosmic Neighborhood to Deepest Cosmology", attached to theXIIth General Meeting of the Eurasian Astronomical Society (EAAS),will be held on May 25√30, 2015 in Moscow, at P.K. Sternberg Astronomical Institute of M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Plenary sessions with invited lectures by leading scientists and sections with oral and poster presentations are planned.


═══════════ Scientific organizing committee:

N.N.Samus (EAAS, INASAN, SAI MSU), chairman

N.G. Bochkarev (EAAS, SAI MSU)

A.M.Cherepashchuk (EAAS, SAI MSU)

N.S.Kardashev (EAAS, Astro-space Center of Lebedev Physical Institute of RAS)

O.Yu.Malkov (INASAN)


A.S.Rastorgurv (MSU)

M.I.Ryabov (EAAS, URAN-4 Observatory, Ukraine)

O.K.Sil'chenko (EAAS, SAI MASU)

D.Z.Wiebe (INASAN)

A.V. Zasov (EAAS, MSU)



Local organizing committee

S.A.Gasanov (EAAS, SAI MSU) √ chairman

V.M.Chepurova (EAAS, SAI MSU)

O.V.Durlevich (SAI MSU)

E.A.Karitskaya (EAAS, INASAN)


V.L.Staerman (EAAS, SAI MSU)

A.M.Zubareva (INASAN)


Planned sections:

1. Stars, planetary systems and interstellar medium.

2. Astrometry and celestial mechanics

3. The Sun

4. Extragalactic astronomy

5. Modern stellar astronomy.

6. Astronomical catalogues, databases, reviews, virtual observatories

7. Teaching and popularization of astronomy.


Unfortunately, no financial support for conference participants is possible.

Organization fee (800 Rubles) is to be paid at the registration desk.

Publication of the conference proceedings is presently under consideration.


A limited number of rooms at the University campus will be available forconference participants from outside Moscow.


Applications for sectional contributions should be submitted by e-mail at the address before April 16, 2015.


Preliminary registration of the conference participants is open. Those willing to participate should fill e-mail to the address the following form:


1. Family name, given name


2. Scientific degree


3. Position,home institution


4. Contacts


5. EAAS membership (member / not member)


6. Sections you are interested in


7. Your contribution category (oral, poster), your contribution title, time needed


8. Do you wish to book a room at the campus?




Organizing committee