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Astronomical and Astrophysical Transactions


Volume 27

Issue 1-4


Issue 1


Editorial to Volume 27

Author(s) : Nikolai G. Bochkarev


Pages : 0 to 0




Scientific legacy of S.B. Pikel'ner and today's astronomy



Pages : 1 to 21




Dark matter, dark energy and COINS

Author(s) : A. D. CHERNIN


Pages : 22 to 28




Dark matter and dark energy: far away and nearby

Author(s): A. D. CHERNIN


Pages : 29 to 35




A study of thin disk with radial flow for perfect fluid disk in Kerr geometry

Author(s) : K. N. MISHRA


Pages : 36 to 42




The present stellar populations and the origin of galaxies

Author(s) : O. K. SILCHENKO


Pages : 43 to 50




The double-peaked galaxy 3C390.3.

II. An additional BLR associated with the jet?



Pages : 51 to 59




Overview of open issues in the physics of large solar flares



Pages : 60 to 72




The new era of variable-star catalogues

Author(s) : N.N. SAMUS and E.V. KAZAROVETS


Pages : 73 to 81




Orbits of close binary stars with a conservative exchange of mass

Author(s) : L. G. LUKYANOV


Pages : 82 to 91




Modern problems of selenodynamics

Author(s) : Yu.V. BARKIN


Pages : 92 to 95




Evolutionary development of omet Tempel-Tuttle meteoroid complex



Pages : 96 to 109




Anomalous pulsars

Author(s) : I. F. MALOV


Pages : 110 to 120




Monitoring of ultrarapid flux fluctuations in galactic sources of water-vapour maser emission at a wavelength of 1.35 cm



Pages : 121 to 130




On the possibility of the OMPR signal observation in the space maser radiation

Author(s) : S. SIPAROV


Pages : 131 to 137




A new stage in remote sensing of atmosphereless bodies of the solar system



Pages : 138 to 143




On a long-period component of HD108 radial velocity variability

Author(s) : A. A. BARANNIKOV


Pages : 144 to 148




Autocorrelation analysis of the Crimean and Hipparcos photometry of the runaway star HD 188001

Author(s) : A.A. BARANNIKOV


Pages : 149 to 152




From the infinity (apeiron) of Anaximander in ancient Greece to the theory of infinite universes in modern cosmology



Pages : 153 to 167




Phenomenological representation of the occurrence and development of the long-term solar activity



Pages : 168 to 174





Issue 2


Author(s) : Anatoly V. Zasov


Pages : 175 to 176




The SFH of Fornax S0 galaxies through their Stellar Populations

Author(s) : A.G. Bedregal


Pages : 177 to 181




Radiation and thermal pressure driven galactic winds

Author(s) : Biman B. Nath


Pages : 183 to 186




Inconsistencies of Photoionized Model for the BLR in the Seyfert Galaxy

NGC 7469.


Author(s) : L.S. Nazarova and N.G. Bochkarev


Pages : 187 to 196




Diffusion in barred-spiral galaxies

Author(s) : Maura Brunetti, Cristina Chiappini, and Daniel Pfenniger


Pages : 197 to 209




Pattern Corotation Radii from Potential-Density Phase Shifts

Author(s) : Ronald J. Buta and Xiaolei Zhang


Pages : 211 to 213




Correlation of a Bar and Spirals at Formation of Galaxies

Author(s) : E. Filistov


Pages : 215 to 219




The Rotation of Bulges

Author(s) : Dimitri A. Gadotti


Pages : 221 to 226




Stellar subsystems of edge-on disk galaxies

Author(s) : N.A. Tikhonov and O. A. Galazutdinova


Pages : 227 to 231




Parameters of galactic disks at optical and NIR wavelengths

Author(s) : A.S. Gusev, S.A. Guslyakova, M.S. Khramtsova


Pages : 233 to 243




Polygonal Structures in the Gaseous Disk: Numerical Simulations

Author(s) : S. A. Khoperskov, M. A. Eremin , A. V. Khoperskov


Pages : 245 to 250




On the possibility of massive disks

in low surface brightness galaxies

Author(s) : A.S. Saburova


Pages : 251 to 255




On the Age and Metallicity Estimation of Disc Galaxies Using Optical and Near- Infrared Photometry

Author(s) : Hyun-Chul Lee


Pages : 257 to 262




The intrinsic shape of bulges

Author(s) : J. Mendez-Abreu, E. Simonneau, J. A. L. Aguerri, E. M. Corsini


Pages : 263 to 272




Studying of candidates to polar-ring galaxies by the methods of 2D-spectroscopy

Author(s) : O. Merkulova, G. Karataeva, L. Shalyapina, V. Yakovleva


Pages : 273 to 283




A simple model for tidal galactic interaction

Author(s) : I. A. Rezyapkin, L. P. Ossipkov


Pages : 285 to 287




Some self-consistent models for disc galaxies

Author(s) : L. P. Ossipkov


Pages : 289 to 292




Dynamical Mechanisms supporting Barred-Spiral Structure

Author(s) : P.A. Patsis


Pages : 293 to 301




Modeling rings and spirals in barred galaxies using manifolds: morphology and kinematics

Author(s) : M. Romero-Gomez


Pages : 303 to 311




Properties and Structural Features of Early-Type Disk Galaxies with Multi-Tier Disks

Author(s) : M.A. Ilyina, O.K. Sil'chenko


Pages : 313 to 317




Seed fields for galactic dynamos

Author(s) : David Moss and Dmitry Sokoloff


Pages : 319 to 323




Bulges and discs of spiral galaxies: edge-on perspective

Author(s) : N.Ya. Sotnikova, V.P. Reshetnikov and A.V. Mosenkov


Pages : 325 to 333




Rotation Curves of Luminous Spiral Galaxies

Author(s) : I.A. Yegorova, A. Babic, P. Salucci, K. Spekkens, A. Pizzella


Pages : 335 to 337




Density-Wave Induced Morphological Transformation of Galaxies along the Hubble Sequence

Author(s) : Xiaolei Zhang and Ronald J. Buta


Pages : 339 to 349




Gas density and star formation in the rarified regions of discs of normal

and LSB galaxies

Author(s) : A.V.Zasov and O.V.Abramova


Pages : 351 to 358




Galactic corotation as a principal driver" for the bimodal abundance radial distribution formation in the disk of our Galaxy

Author(s) : I. A. Acharova, J.R.D. Lepine, Yu.N. Mishurov


Pages : 359 to 364




Distance scale calibration from kinematic analysis of an ensemble of the Galactic

planetary nebulae


Author(s) : V.A.Akimkin, I.I.Nikiforov, A.F.Kholtygin


Pages : 365 to 368




Origin and evolution of the bulge of our Galaxy

Author(s) : A.F. Kholtygin, Yu.V. Milanova, A.A. Spodyneiko


Pages : 369 to 378




Rotation Curve of The Galaxy from the Motions of Open Star Clusters

Author(s) : A.V. Loktin, and M.E. Popova


Pages : 379 to 387




Modelling of the Galactic kinematics

Author(s) : A.M. Mel'nik and P. Rautiainen


Pages : 389 to 398




Three kinematical methods to identify local Galactic structures

Author(s) : R. Cubarsi, S. Alcobe, S. Vidojevic, S. Ninkovic


Pages : 399 to 405




Transformation of the energy of a supernova into mechanical energy of the galactic disk

Author(s) : V. G. Surdin


Pages : 407 to 409




Mass determination for visual binaries

Author(s) : Z. Cvetkovic and S. Ninkovic


Pages : 411 to 417






Issue 3


Author(s) : N.G. Bochkarev


Pages : 419 to 420




Physical conditions in nuclei of classical double radio galaxies

Author(s) : V.S. Artyukh


Pages : 421 to 424




The link between the variable optical continuum and the radio emission of the compact jet in a radio-loud Seyfert galaxy 3C390.3

Author(s) : T.G. Arshakian, A.P. Lobanov, V.H. Chavushyan, A.I. Shapovalova, J.A. Zensus, N.G. Bochkarev, A.N. Burenkov


Pages : 425 to 428




Long-term variability of the optical spectra of NGC 4151.

Author(s) : Shapovalova A.I., Popovic L.C. , Collin S., Burenkov A.N., Chavushyan V.H., Bochkarev N.G., Kovacevic A., Mercado A.


Pages : 429 to 432




A New Model for Dark Halo of Spherical Galaxies

Author(s) : N.V. Raspopova, L.P. Ossipkov, Z. Jiang


Pages : 433 to 436




Hydrostatics of Dark Matter Halo: Simple Spherical Models

Author(s) : M. Yakovleva and L. Ossipkov


Pages : 437 to 438




A new luminous Variable in M33.

Author(s) : A.F. Valeev, O. Sholukhova, and S. Fabrika


Pages : 439 to 440




Migration of Compact Massive Objects in Galactic Nuclei

Author(s) : A. S. Kondratiev, V. V. Orlov


Pages : 441 to 444




Superposition Method of Constructing Parametric Models of Luminosity Distribution in Galaxies

Author(s) : S.A. Kutuzov, M.A. Mardanova


Pages : 445 to 446




The Spectrum of Gas Emission in Selected Regions of the Irr Starburst

Galaxy IC 10.


Author(s) : Egorov O.V., Lozinskaya T.A., Moiseev A.V.


Pages : 447 to 454




On the Possibility of AGN Investigation Using Cosmic Ray Data

Author(s) : A.V. Uryson


Pages : 455 to 458




Some Principle Problems of Stellar Dynamics

Author(s) : Leonid P. Ossipkov


Pages : 459 to 462




Orbits in a Simple Model of Contracting Galaxy: Preliminary Results

Author(s) : Stanislava D. Buliga and Leonid P. Ossipkov


Pages : 463 to 464




On the systematics of the Galactic centre distance

determination from orbits of central stars


Author(s) : I. I. Nikiforov


Pages : 465 to 468




Ensemble of Planetary Nebulae of Milky Way

Author(s) : Kholtygin A.F., Milanova Yu.V.


Pages : 469 to 474




A Search for Small-Scale Clumpiness in Orion

and W3 High-Mass Star-Forming Regions


Author(s) : L.E. Pirogov, I.I. Zinchenko, L.E.B. Johansson,

J. Yang


Pages : 475 to 478




Periodic Solutions of the Restricted Three Body Problem for Small and the Motion of Small Bodies of the Solar System

Author(s) : A.D. Bruno, V.P. Varin


Pages : 479 to 488




The algorithms and programs for investigations of near-Earth asteroids

Author(s) : L.E. Bykova, T.Yu. Galushina, A.P. Baturin


Pages : 489 to 494




On the Near Space Population from Simulation Results

Author(s) : Tischenko V.I.


Pages : 495 to 498




Nonstationary Activity of the Nuclei Comets

Author(s) : Kh.I. Ibadinov, A. M. Buriev, A. G. Safarov


Pages : 499 to 502




The method of a reference selenocentric coordinate system construction for visible and far sides of the Moon referred to the lunar mass center and to its main inertia axes

Author(s) : Yu. Nefedyev, S.Valeev, I. Sharafutdinov, R. Zabbarova, N.Varaksina


Pages : 503 to 508




Modeling of the lunar visible side ?gure

Author(s) : Yu. Nefedyev, S.Valeev, K. Samokhvalov, I. Sharafutdinov, R. Zabbarova, N.Varaksina


Pages : 509 to 512




Interpolation and Forecast of Irregularity of the Deformable Earth Rotation

Author(s) : V.V. Bondarenko, V.V. Perepelkin


Pages : 513 to 516




Magnetic Field of Protostellar Accretion Disks

Author(s) : S.N. Zamozdra, A.G. Zhilkin


Pages : 517 to 522




Mass-loss Rate in EHB Binary Progenitors

Author(s) : V.-V.Pustynski, I.Pustylnik


Pages : 523 to 526




Spectral variability of emission lines in young stars


Author(s) : N.Z. Ismailov, A.A. Aliyeva


Pages : 527 to 530




V.P. Engelhardt 180 anniversary of birth

Author(s) : Yu. Nefedyev, I. Dubyago, R. Zabbarova, A. Andreev


Pages : 531 to 536




Exclusion of measurements with excessive residuals

(blunders) in estimating model parameters


Author(s) : I. I. Nikiforov


Pages : 537 to 538




Modern Astronomical Knowledge as Component of General Education for Sustainable Development

Author(s) : Ildus Nurgaliev


Pages : 539 to 544




Teaching the courses of astronomy and concepts of modern natural science in Kazan Federal University

Author(s) : Yu. Nefedyev, R. Zabbarova, M. Kutlenkov, N.Varaksina, K. Churkin


Pages : 545 to 548




Determination of Flight Trajectory of Gagarins Space Vehicle.

Author(s) : Raisa K. Kazakova


Pages : 549 to 556





Issue 4


A panchromatic review of thermal and nonthermal active galactic nuclei

Author(s) : R. Antonucci


Pages : 557 to 602




Can the same generation of astronomers see both short gamma-ray bursts and their supernova precursors?

Author(s) : V.I. Dokuchaev, Yu.N. Eroshenko


Pages : 603 to 606




Is annual metabolic cycling in the unicellular microalgae Chlorella and Isochrysis coupled to the annual earth gravity cycle?

Author(s) : G. Knutsen, M. Amundsen, R. Pettersen


Pages : 607 to 618




Research of the local interstellar medium and galactic magnetic ?eld by multi-frequency polarimetry of synchrotron radio emission

Author(s) : V.A. Razin, E.N. Vinyajkin, A.M. Paseka, A.I. Teplykh


Pages : 619 to 624




A rational galactic potential with accurate periodic orbits and quasi-integrals of motion

Author(s) : Euaggelos E. Zotos


Pages : 625 to 634




Using new dynamical indicators to distinguish between order and chaos in a galactic potential producing exact periodic orbits and chaotic components

Author(s) : Euaggelos E. Zotos


Pages : 635 to 654




The Maya calendar: why 13, 20 and 260?

Author(s) : O. Polyakova


Pages : 655 to 664




The era of Aries and Kriophoros statues

Author(s) : E. Theodossiou, P. Mantarakis, M.S. Dimitrijevic


Pages : 665 to 672




Book review

Modern Plasma Physics, Vol. I: Physical Kinetics of Turbulent Plasmas, by Patrick H. Diamond, Sanae-I. Itoh and Kimitaka Itoh, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (UK), 2010,

Author(s) : Boris V. Somov


Pages : 673 to 674